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It’s a Better Journey
When You’re in Good Company

Providing comprehensive patient care of the highest quality is only possible when we can each focus on what we do best. As part of the BDG team, you have the chance to do just that.


Rediscover the Joy of Dentistry

We learned a lot at dental school. But the fact is, there’s a lot more to owning and managing a dental practice then just good dentistry. The need to be an expert operations manager, accountant, HR, marketer, and PR person can take a toll and take time that you want to spend on patient care. If you have a passion for providing comprehensive patient care but you are ready to give up the pressure of practice management, we have a lot to talk about.

Become a part of a team committed to personal and professional success:

A Team Approach: Our clinical team consists of general practitioners and specialists committed to supporting each for diagnosis and treatment planning to ensure that we are providing the best options for patient care.

Practice Management Taken Care Of: Our business management team includes experts in the area of staffing, accounting, HR, PR, IT, Operations, Education, and Marketing. So, while you focus on patient care, you can rest assured that the health and growth of the practice is taken care of as well.

Growth and Development: For the benefit of outstanding patient care, we invest in continuing education, mentorships, and skills development opportunities for all members of our team so we can each continue to grow and be the best in what we do.

Innovation and Technology: To provide the best experience and results for our patients and team members, we continually evolve what we do and the resources we use. By incorporating innovative approaches to care and using the latest clinical and practice management tools and technology, you can count on effective, efficient, and streamlined workflows.

Wealth and Happiness: Who says you can’t – or shouldn’t – have both. At BDG, it is about giving it your all when it comes to premium patient care and being rewarded for it. Eliminate the stress of practice management, get back to being a dentist again, and  be profitable doing what you enjoy.

Where the Joy of Dentistry Lives

Partner With Us

    It’s a Better Journey When
    You’re in Good Company

    At BDG, we are committed to being good partners who support the ongoing
    growth and success of all our team members and partners.